Airport transfers – top tips.

Many people, when searching for transportation, will only search local companies in the city they are traveling from, this can be a mistake.

Take for example our nearest airport, Geneva.  If you were to choose from the large list of Geneva based companies you would end up Paying a large premium over companies based in, for example, Chamonix.

Its often the case that companies based out of the city have lower overheads and as such can keep their prices a little lower. A vehicle traveling to an airport from the destination to collect a client is often more economical than a vehicle Traveling from the airport to that same destination.

So remember search for transportation in your destination rather than you departure point, it could save you time and money.

James Coates

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  1. Steve Berry says:

    Looking for a transfer for two people from Chamonix to Courchevel 1850 on Feb 6.

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