Geneva airport transfer top tips

Many people booking an airport transfer or indeed any type of transport will search  uniquely in the departure location.  Its logical really, if you are arriving in Geneva (for example) most people will search for transport within Geneva (based on a UK study).

However, this does not always get you the best deals, many transport companies are based IN a destination rather than a departure point.  Take Chamonix for an example, there are a large number of transport companies based in Chamonix.  Most, if not all, of these companies offer transport at a lower rate than the equivalent in Geneva, Lyon, Grenoble etc etc.

(In the above example) the vehicle starting its journey in Geneva and the vehicle starting its journey in Chamonix both travel the same distances, however, the Chamonix based company will usually know Chamonix better, cost less and be better prepared for the harsh driving conditions.

James Coates

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