Best Geneva airport transfer vehicle?

We asked ourselves “what would be the best vehicle to transport people from Geneva to Chamonix” and came up with the following criteria.

  • Needs to be 4×4 because during winter months the roads can be very bad.
  • Needs to be very comfortable, like a limo.
  • Needs to be safe.
  • Needs to be quick for those late night arrivals!
  • Needs to be ecological, we are in the mountains.

We searched the Geneva motor show and came up with the following, a Mercedes ML “Blue efficiency”, so we got one.

This vehicle is 4×4, comfortable and silent like a limo, has a great number of safety features and cruises at the speed limit very easily, and , being the Blue Efficiency model has a huge number of modifications to keep the consumption down.  It averages about 7 lires per 100 km on a standard Geneva airport run.

If you would like to book a transfer in the alps and you are a group of 4 or less get in contact with us for a very competitive quote.  If you are more than 4 we have other luxury vehicles to take care of you.

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