Winter 21/22 is Coming

Winter is coming and its going to be big!

Well, at least its going to be busy! By all accounts the bookings are coming in, some hotels are already fully booked for certain periods and restaurants are already full to bursting. Yes thats right already full to bursting and there isn’t even any snow yet!.

Let me explain, we are experiencing a sort of “Indien summer” here in Chamonix and with it being a long weekend (and some restaurants closed for inter season) there were actually lines forming outside restaurants in town today (Friday 12th November). At Josephines we were told the kitchen had closed for 20 minutes to let the chef catch up with the unusually high demand, never heard of that before!

Speaking with hotels we have heard that bookings are up massively compared to previous “non covid” years and certain weeks are actually fully booked already for some of the bigger hotels. The theory being put about is that people have had enough of the travel restrictions due to Covid and have already missed one ski holiday! they are not going to miss a second one.

So the message is this, if for some strange reason you are reading this maybe consider bookings your hols and an airport transfer ASAP because soon there wont be many options left.

So to finish here is a little reminder that winter is coming (heavy frost at the moment) it will be snowing shortly and hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Some frost on my taxi!
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