Mont-Blanc Natural Resort Covid

Mont-Blanc Natural resort

After the latest announcement from the French President Emanuel Macron, we are now in Confinement until 1st December at the earliest. This may be extended for another 2 weeks or 4 weeks. What does this mean for Xmas in Chamonix? nobody knows yet. Confinement could be lifted in time to allow Xmas holidays to go ahead as usual or, if the lockdown is extended until mid December, i imagine Xmas holidays will be a big NO NO.

Whatever happens, we will be around to provide transport and assistance over the coming weeks and months. We are the owners of (among others) a Chamonix Taxi license allowing us full access to Geneva airport and all over France if required.

Movement around the Valley of Chamonix is allowed provided passengers have an “attestation” you can contact us to do your shopping if required.

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