Winter 2020/21

With Covid19 on everyones mids at the moment how is it going to effect the Ski season in the Alps. Well one thing is for sure……

The Chamonix winter season of 2020/21 is going to go down as a strange one, I already know this on 22 October 2020. There will be snow on the ground and the Compagnie Du Montblanc have already announced that they will be open. the problem is going to be who is actually able to get to the snow.

Between the various quarantines that exist around the world, peoples general reluctance to travel and a reduction in disposable income there will certainly be less people around.

As the season starts to unfold we will continue to provide our customers with transport either through our airport transfer service or our Taxis in and around the valley. Whatever type of transport we provide you can rest assured that our vehicles are Covid19 ready.

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