Winter 21/22 is Coming

Winter is coming and its going to be big!

Well, at least its going to be busy! By all accounts the bookings are coming in, some hotels are already fully booked for certain periods and restaurants are already full to bursting. Yes thats right already full to bursting and there isn’t even any snow yet!.

Let me explain, we are experiencing a sort of “Indien summer” here in Chamonix and with it being a long weekend (and some restaurants closed for inter season) there were actually lines forming outside restaurants in town today (Friday 12th November). At Josephines we were told the kitchen had closed for 20 minutes to let the chef catch up with the unusually high demand, never heard of that before!

Speaking with hotels we have heard that bookings are up massively compared to previous “non covid” years and certain weeks are actually fully booked already for some of the bigger hotels. The theory being put about is that people have had enough of the travel restrictions due to Covid and have already missed one ski holiday! they are not going to miss a second one.

So the message is this, if for some strange reason you are reading this maybe consider bookings your hols and an airport transfer ASAP because soon there wont be many options left.

So to finish here is a little reminder that winter is coming (heavy frost at the moment) it will be snowing shortly and hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Some frost on my taxi!
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Chamonix VTC

You may have heard about this type of transport license over the last few years. VTC stands for “Voiture de Transport avec Chauffeur”. Although VTC has been around for a number of years its use has become more popular recently due to the regulations changing, with a view to phasing out the old “Transport Public Routier Collectif De Personnes”.

VTC Chamonix
VTC Taxi

VTC is generally used by smaller operators or even owner operators as a way of setting up a small transport business easily. The benefit to the customer is that the vehicle has to be of a certain standard (which has been lowered with the news regs) but the biggest change is that the driver needs to be qualified. Either the driver has passed certain exams (similar to Taxi exams) or can prove 2 years experience as a professional driver.

VTC vehicles need to be registered and controlled by an official organisation who issue a sticker to be displayed in the front and rear window, and, can ONLY be operated by a driver who is in possession of a VTC “Carte Professional” which need to be displayed in the front window too. With out both of these two things in the front window the vehicle is illegal.

A vehicle operating as a VTC is NOT a Taxi, and should not be used as one. Its against the law and breaks a number of regulations, mainly it needs to be booked in advance and cant be stopped on the street, so it doesn’t work as a night time taxi vehicle, even though in Chamonix a number of VTC operators actually use their vehicles in this way.

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Mont-Blanc Natural Resort Covid

Mont-Blanc Natural resort

After the latest announcement from the French President Emanuel Macron, we are now in Confinement until 1st December at the earliest. This may be extended for another 2 weeks or 4 weeks. What does this mean for Xmas in Chamonix? nobody knows yet. Confinement could be lifted in time to allow Xmas holidays to go ahead as usual or, if the lockdown is extended until mid December, i imagine Xmas holidays will be a big NO NO.

Whatever happens, we will be around to provide transport and assistance over the coming weeks and months. We are the owners of (among others) a Chamonix Taxi license allowing us full access to Geneva airport and all over France if required.

Movement around the Valley of Chamonix is allowed provided passengers have an “attestation” you can contact us to do your shopping if required.

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Winter 2020/21

With Covid19 on everyones mids at the moment how is it going to effect the Ski season in the Alps. Well one thing is for sure……

The Chamonix winter season of 2020/21 is going to go down as a strange one, I already know this on 22 October 2020. There will be snow on the ground and the Compagnie Du Montblanc have already announced that they will be open. the problem is going to be who is actually able to get to the snow.

Between the various quarantines that exist around the world, peoples general reluctance to travel and a reduction in disposable income there will certainly be less people around.

As the season starts to unfold we will continue to provide our customers with transport either through our airport transfer service or our Taxis in and around the valley. Whatever type of transport we provide you can rest assured that our vehicles are Covid19 ready.

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First snow in Chamonix

Some people say its a good thing when the snow comes early, I can’t comment on that. What i do know is that this year the first snow has come early in Chamonix and all over the Alps.

Les Houches ski area 4/10/2020

Its been raining/snowing now in Chamonix for well over a week and the forecast says more is on the way. Its going to be a strange ski season 2020/21 with Covid restrictions and the possibility of being shut down if things get out of hand.

What-ever happens, Deluxe transfers will be available for all types of transport in resort using our registered “Taxi” licence or our airport transfer service between Geneva airport and Chamonix.

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Summer in Chamonix 2020

The 2020 summer Season in Chamonix is going to be very different to normal. Firstly, All the major sporting events are cancelled. No Marathon du Mont-Blanc, No climbing championships and no UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc) to name just a few. Although this might be very annoying for the thousands of people who were planning to come and run one of the events (myself included), it could prove to be catastrophic for some of the local businesses who rely heavily on these busy periods to get through the summer.

Travel restrictions and travel concernes are also going to effect the tourist industry in Chamonix either through an inability to travel or a reluctance for people to travel. At the time of writing the UK have just introduced a 14 day quarantine to all travelers arriving in the UK, France have returned the move, so…until we hear more there will be very little travel between these two counties.

How can any of this be good news, well, for those people that manage to jump through all the hoops and actually make it here to Chamonix it’s largely business as usual. Bars and restaurants are open or opening with little or no restrictions. Hotels are opening and offering great deals to try and fill up their empty rooms. The Chamonix ”Golf” is open, Montenvers mountain railway, L’Aguille du Midi télécabine and most importantly the mountains haven’t gone anywhere. In fact the mountains are empty, very few visitors mean only locals are able to appreciate the valley trails.

The local bus services are starting their regular services over the next few weeks and of course our taxi service is available for anyone needing to get around so in many ways there has never been a better time to visit Chamonix or indeed anywhere in the Alps, provided you can get here!

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Geneva to Chamonix Transfers Covid Situation

Since the beginning of the Covid crisis its been difficult to know if we are allowed (or even able) to travel over the Swiss boarder and into France transiting through Geneva airport.

Geneva airport arrivals

Firstly, are there even any flights?…….. At the time of writing there are exactly 6 flights per day into Geneva airport, so your chances of even finding a flight that suits your needs is slim. however, Easyjet have announced that from 15 June they are starting to fly into and out of Geneva airport with the intention of increasing flight numbers over the following weeks into July.

Am i permitted to travel over the Swiss boarder into France? Well…..the Swiss boarder isn’t closed just heavily controlled. People travelling into Switzerland are allowed if they have a valid ticket. The same goes for people travelling into France, and remember there is also a French side to Geneva airport if ever the Swiss authorities decided somebody wasn’t allowed into Switzerland.

Is my Transfer/Taxi company allowed over the boarder. Sounds like a silly question but depending on the type of license your chosen transport company has they might actually have problems travelling over the boarder. Simply put Taxi companies with a Taxi license and VTC companies have new regulations to clarify how they are to operate. They are allowed to travel over the boarder and should be equipped according to a strict set of COVIS-19 regulations. The old “transport de Voyageurs” internal license is being phased out in France and as such may encounter difficulties travelling over the boarder, as such companies using this type of license should be avoided.

For further information regarding Covid-19 travel regulations or anything else please feel free to contact us at Deluxe Transfers. We havent stopped operating over this difficult period and as the summer season starts to get going we will be here to help for the foreseeable future.

james Coates

00 33 (0)6 79 01 46 02

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Covid 19

With everything shut down across Europe and the World we wanted to to let people know that we also on a type of forced shut down. We are physically based in Chamonix and will be available as soon as things open up again.

Our partner company “Taxi Alpin” are holders of a French issued Taxi License for the commune of Chamonix. As a result we are required to remain open through the Covid 19 shut down to provide, Transport Publique. As a result depending what your requirements are we may be able to help through this difficult period.

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TGV Bellegarde a Chamonix

Vous pourriez penser que la meilleure façon de se rendre à Chamonix est en avion…

Si vous arrivez de l’étranger, cela pourrait être correct.

Cependant, si vous venez de Paris, le moyen le plus rapide et le plus simple est d’arriver en TGV a Bellegarde-sur-Valserine.

Pas de stress, pas d’embouteillage et moins de temps dans la voiture.

temps en voiture … 1he20 même aux heures de pointe

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Luxury Mercedes Transport to Chamonix

At Deluxe Transfers we offer a variety of luxury transport from VW Caravelle to Mercedes V Class and S Class. We service Geneva airport, Lyon airport, Chambery airport and travel to all destinations.

We have been in operation for over 15 years during which time we have gained a large amount of experience. Our experience in Luxury Geneva airport transfers and in-Valley Chamonix luxury transport makes us the only choice for your transport needs.

Our vehicles are never older than 3 or 4 years but normally are less than 2 years old.

Chamonix Mercedes Class V
Mercedes Class V in Chamonix
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