Leonardo Dicaprio in Courchevel.

After his visit to London for the Baftas, Leo nipped over to Courchevel last weekend for a spot of skiing with his girl friend Toni Garrn.


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Amazing Avalanche footage from Italy

I have seen a few avalanche videos but this one is amazing.

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New Mercedes Viano coming soon.

We have been waiting for quite some time to get a look at the new Viano (sorry, V-Class) so we were very excited to see this new video release from Mercedes showing what the new people carrier will look like.

Out in spring 2014, waiting lists exist already in france but 4×4 options and certain types of finish may not be available straight away.

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VTC drivers causing problems for Paris Taxis

The below article has been written by connexionfrance.com about the problems Paris taxi drivers are facing with the New VTC regulations.


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Valley Blanche Death today

We reported three days ago that the Valley Blanche ridge was equipped, unfortunately, today (28th Jan 2014) there has been a death.  According to sources the victim fell 25 meters into a crevasse and died instantly.

Reports suggest that the skier was skiing with a High Mountain Guide and was on a variation of the normal route.

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Viaduc Egratz, Geneva to Chamonix

Viaduc EgratzIs it possible that the most impressive sight on route from Geneva to Chamonix isn’t actually found up in the mountains?

If you are an engineer you might consider the “Viaduc Egratz” to be just as impressive as the Mont-blanc!  At 68 meters high at the highest point and nearly 1.5 km’s long it definitely catches peoples attention.

The Viaduc forms part of the main N205 Auto-route between Chamonix and Sallanches.  Constructed in 1981 to provide a better alternative to the old road that hugs the cliff face allowing improved traffic flow, especially in Winter and especially for Heavy Goods vehicles.

James Coates

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Valley Blanche access now equipped in Chamonix

Aiguille du midiThe famous Valley Blanche off piste descent in Chamonix is finally equipped (from 15th Jan 2014).

The arrête is normally equipped with a rope to allow alpinists, experienced skiers and guides with their clients to gain access to the start of the “Valley Blanche”.  This year there was a delay due to the slightly poorer snow conditions.

When conditions are good as they are now (today is the 25/01/14) skiers can get all the way down to the valley floor giving skiers a total of around 2800 vertical meters of descent from 3,812m down to 1,000m whilst covering a distance of nearly 20 km’s.

James Coates



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Chamonix to Courmayeur

Many people who come to Chamonix wish to visit Courmayeur at least one time while they are here and its not hard to see why.

The valley D’Aoste and in particular, Courmayeur, has a lot to offer.  During the winter months the snow fall in Italy can be considerably more than in the neighbouring valley of Chamonix (such as winter 2011/12).  Many people take advantage of this and consider skiing in Italy at least one day of their holiday in Chamonix.

The restaurants at Italien ski resorts are renowned for their good quality and value, this is definitely true in Courmayeur with some wonderful restaurants such as the maison vieille that serves food into the evening with torch lit descents on skis or snow mobile!

Another great attraction are the Italien Spas, the closest and one of the best spas in the region is the terme du pre saint didier located about 5 km’s outside Courmayeur and open all year round.  You can sit in luxurious hot baths surrounded by snow.

At Deluxe-Transfers we offer trips from Chamonix to Courmayeur from as little as 90 Euros per van.

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Роскошные Женева аэропорт такси, трансфер

imagesГлядя на роскошный Женева трансфер из аэропорта

Мы предлагаем Mercedes Viano, Mercedes S Class, Mercedes ML с шофером.

Женева в Куршевель, Женевы в Шамони, Женевы в Межев, Женевы в Валь-д’Изер. Мы путешествуем во всем Альпах.

для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, следуйте по ссылке ниже


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Cave des Creux Courchevel

UnknownNew Restaurant : La Cave des Creux.

There is a new restaurant in Courchevel well worth a visit called “La Cave Des Creux”

Ran by former local ski instructors and serving a Bistro/Brasserie style menu its fast becoming one of the places to be.

Perched at 2,112m with amazing views of Mt Blanc and the 3 valleys, it might be a good idea to reserve!


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